We are now the exclusive Christchurch dealers of the internationally renowned, premium eBike manufacturers, Riese & Müller. These electric bicycles are individually hand made in Germany to your custom specifications, making it easier for you to find and ride a bike that matches your needs.

As a certified R&M Control Technology test center we stock a wide range of models, including the 2018 EuroBike “Gold Award” winning Homage, the 2013 “iF Product Design Award” winning Load 75, as well as the Culture GT, Multicharger, and more.

See below to find out more information on the bikes and the components that make up the 2019 Riese & Müller models. To see the full range of all the Riese & Müller bikes available, click here.

2018 Eurobike Gold Award winner, the Riese & Müller Homage (GT Touring HS model with DualBattery)

2018 Eurobike Gold Award winner, the Riese & Müller Homage (GT Touring HS model with DualBattery)

R&M Control Technology

X-Fusion Glyde rear suspension on the Load 75

X-Fusion Glyde rear suspension on the Load 75

Only an E-Bike with true full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads – and keeps you in full control. Riese & Müller has been installing control technology born of conviction since its first bike on the market. Since this time, the technology has been constantly developed and perfected further.

The active rear swing arm, optimised front wheel suspension and co-sprung luggage carrier form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are simply smoothed out.

This also increases the safety of your ride and road handling, even with heavy loads. The Control Technology’s suspension system responds with extreme sensitivity, offering top-class comfort. The result is powerful propulsion and sporty riding without any loss of energy.

R&M Control Technology is fitted to the Delite, Homage, Culture GT, and Load models.

Dual Battery System

“Twice the batteries. Twice the freedom”

DualBattery System (1000Wh) fitted to the Delite GT

DualBattery System (1000Wh) fitted to the Delite GT

Riese & Müller is one of the first E-Bike manufacturers to implement Bosch Dual Battery technology and is already equipping eleven series with it in the 2017/2018 season. This makes Riese & Müller eBikes and eCargo bikes unbeatable when it comes to range. Besides being able to go twice as far on long trips, you no longer have to worry about your range in your day-to-day riding either.

R&M have integrated the batteries so skilfully that the additional weight and battery position have no noticeable effect on riding behaviour. On the Supercharger, Riese & Müller use two fully integrated Bosch 500Wh PowerTube batteries in the top tube and down tube. The new Charger combines a Bosch PowerTube battery in the down tube and a frame battery mounted directly on the frame. All other models use two frame batteries, mounted in the frame triangle or on the cargo surface on E-Cargo bikes, depending on the model.

The Bosch Dual Battery System can be fitted to the Delite, Homage, Load, Supercharger, Charger, Multicharger, Nevo GT, Packster and Load models.

Bosch Power System

“Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative”

Bosch Performance Line CX fitted to the Delite GX

Bosch Performance Line CX fitted to the Delite GX

The Motor

With the tremendous driving force of the Bosch motors, you can conquer any terrain and any mountain. Its seamless integration into the crank bearing ensures plenty of ground clearance, a low centre of gravity, directional stability and the direct transfer of force to the back wheel via a chain or belt.

Bosch 500Wh Powerpack fitted to the Charger Mixte

Bosch 500Wh Powerpack fitted to the Charger Mixte

The Battery

Reliable Bosch lithium-ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve provide the power for our E-Bikes. With DualBattery Technology – the use of two batteries in parallel – we achieve a top capacity of 1,000 Wh. Depending on the E-Bike model, we install frame batteries, carrier batteries or ultra-modern, fully frame-integrated Bosch PowerTube batteries. This approach sets standards for design and functionality.

Click here to use the Bosch range calculator to see how far you can ride on a single battery charge.

Bosch Intuvia Display and Controller

Bosch Intuvia Display and Controller

The Display

The control centres of Riese & Müller E-Bikes are their Bosch displays and systems. Besides four degrees of pedal assistance, you can choose from many other functions, depending on the model. The system is operated either directly on the display or via an external control unit. You can conveniently switch on the pushing aid using the remote control located on the handlebar.

R&M Internal Hub Gears

Hub gears are hugely popular thanks to their low maintenance requirements and easy, highly comfortable operation. Unlike a derailleur gear, changing gear does not rely on a jumping chain, but occurs within the hub, in the centre of the rear wheel. Since this is a closed system, the gear is protected from moisture and dirt at all times. This type of gear allows the use of a modern, lightweight and especially quiet carbon belt drive.


Gates Belt Drive CDX

Anyone riding an E-Bike with the Gates CDX carbon belt drive is at peace. And in two ways: because on the one hand the innovative drive offers a wonderfully smooth ride and great riding comfort. While at the same time being unbelievably low-maintenance and performing its tasks with the utmost reliability. The carbon belt drive provides a new, carefree riding experience – for every need and every intent.


Enviolo NuVinci N380

With the NuVinci N380 gear hub you can always ride in the perfect gear ratio without any gaps, since you can smoothly switch to an endless number of gears within a gear range of 380%. Its simple operation with the rotating handle on the handlebars means that the perfect gear can be selected intuitively. The lack of gear jumps means that riding comfort is increased compared to conventional gear changes.


Rohloff E-14 gear

The Electronic Rohloff E-14 gear combines the mechanical Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed gear hub with the eShift function of the Bosch eBike system. The systems communicate with each other to synchronise the shifting to make it as light and efficient as possible. Multi-shift mode simultaneously shifts 3 gears in a single sequence, while the auto-downshift mode automatically returns the gear to your starting gear when the bike comes to a standstill.


Shimano Alfine Di2

New with this model year, we are fitting our Roadster models with the latest, electronic Shimano Alfine Di2. Gears are changed fully automatically at the press of a button without any cables whatsoever. With its stylish design, the Alfine Di2 perfectly matches the new Roadster and supports the minimalist overall look. And its high resistance and long durability mean you will be enjoying this sophisticated gear system for years to come. 


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